15 Star Wars Bed Ideas for Themed Bedroom Decoration

Last updated on March 27, 2024

Delve into the galaxy of Star Wars-themed bedroom decor as we unravel innovative ideas to transform regular spaces into sci-fi realms.

This article includes my original designs. Some of them may be exaggerated to make a point — that’s my style. Enjoy them for your inspiration!

Galactic Spaceship Themed Bed

galactic spaceship themed bedgalactic spaceship themed bed

Capturing the essence of interstellar travel, the bed’s design mimics the sleek contours of iconic Star Wars spacecraft.

Innovative storage compartments take the form of onboard consoles, maximizing space and imagination.

The bed frame’s built-in sound effects and lighting features provide an immersive experience, reminiscent of a galaxy far, far away.

Lightsaber Night Light Decor

lightsaber night light decorlightsaber night light decor

Transform the room’s ambiance with lightsaber night lights, casting a gentle glow reminiscent of the iconic weapons.

Select from various colors to represent different characters, enhancing the Star Wars experience.

Securely mounted, these lights provide both a cool visual effect and a comforting guide in the dark.

Star Wars Themed Bunk Beds

star wars themed bunk bedsstar wars themed bunk beds

Transform sleep into an adventurous saga with bunk beds modeled after the Millennium Falcon, featuring detailed panels and interactive elements like control panels for imaginative play.

For devoted fans, selecting a design that mimics the sleeping quarters of a Star Destroyer adds an imperial feel, with sleek lines and cold metallic colors.

Safety rails can be cleverly disguised as laser cannons or railings from the Death Star, adding both protection and an authentic touch to the sleeping experience.

Jedi Training Room Themed Bedroom

jedi training room themed bedroomjedi training room themed bedroom

Immerse in a room that echoes the ambiance of a Jedi training temple with wall decals mimicking the ancient symbols and scripts. Central to the space is a bed framed to resemble a Jedi’s mediation spot, complete with a mock training droid suspended above. Ambient lighting replicates the glow of lightsabers, providing both a soothing sleep environment and an imaginative foray into the Force.

DIY Landspeeder Bed Frame

diy landspeeder bed framediy landspeeder bed frame

Transform your child’s bedroom into a Tatooine dream by constructing a bed frame modeled after the iconic Landspeeder. This creative project turns a regular bed into a centerpiece that doubles as a play area, igniting young imaginations.

The design can be color-matched and detailed to mirror Luke Skywalker’s X-34 craft, complete with painted side panels and thrusters.

Star Wars Printed Bed Covers

star wars printed bed coversstar wars printed bed covers

Transform your sleep space into an epicenter of the saga with duvets and sheets featuring iconic characters and emblems.

From the Millennium Falcon to the emblem of the Rebel Alliance, these covers become a focal point of the room’s theme.

Breathable, comfortable materials ensure that style meets practicality for a restful night’s rest amidst the stars.

Death Star Ceiling Light Decoration

death star ceiling light decorationdeath star ceiling light decoration

Transform the bedroom ambiance with a ceiling light replica of the iconic Death Star, casting an intergalactic glow.

This lighting fixture doubles as a room’s focal point and a source of soft illumination, matching other Star Wars decor.

The detailed design mimics the Death Star’s surface, adding a three-dimensional aspect that brings the Empire’s might to your sleeping quarters.

Star Wars Wall Mural Backdrop

star wars wall mural backdropstar wars wall mural backdrop

Transform a bedroom into a Star Wars universe scene with a detailed wall mural, featuring iconic characters and epic space battles.

This vibrant backdrop can serve as a stimulating visual centerpiece, inspiring imaginations to soar to a galaxy far, far away.

It offers an immersive experience, ideal for setting the stage for epic dreams and playtime adventures.

Droid Inspired End Tables

droid inspired end tablesdroid inspired end tables

Incorporate the charm of R2-D2 or BB-8 into your bedroom with droid-inspired end tables that pair utility with franchise homage.

These functional pieces may feature compartments for storage, resembling the iconic robots’ body structure.

Adding a touch of the Star Wars universe, they serve as both nighttime essentials and conversation pieces.

Hoth-Inspired Winter Wonderbedroom

hoth inspired winter wonderbedroomhoth inspired winter wonderbedroom

Transform your child’s space into a cozy ice planet retreat with a Hoth-inspired bedroom, featuring cool blues and whites mimicking the snowy landscapes of the Rebel Alliance’s famous base.

Incorporate faux fur throws and icy decor accents to capture the essence of the frigid environment while ensuring comfort and warmth.

Complete the theme with wall art of the iconic AT-ATs and tauntauns to bring the ethos of the epic Battle of Hoth right into the room.

Redesign With Planets of Star Wars

redesign with planets of star warsredesign with planets of star wars

Select bedding and accessories that represent the diverse ecosystems of planets like Naboo’s lush greens, Tatooine’s arid desert hues, or Hoth’s icy blues.

Incorporate planetary orb lamps or wall decals that map the galaxy for an immersive celestial experience.

Choose furniture that mimics the architecture or landscape of these worlds to bring a piece of the Star Wars universe into the room’s design.

Ewok-Themed Children’s Nest Bed

ewok themed childrens nest bedewok themed childrens nest bed

Drawing inspiration from the forest moon of Endor, the Ewok-themed nest bed incorporates a cozy, elevated design that mirrors the treetop dwellings of these beloved creatures.

Natural wood elements and soft, earthy textiles create a snug, hideaway environment, perfect for young adventurers seeking both comfort and a touch of whimsy.

The bed features playful accents like rope ladders and faux foliage, immersing children in the enchanting world of the Ewoks.

Tatooine Sunset Themed Bedroom

tatooine sunset themed bedroomtatooine sunset themed bedroom

Capture the warm palette of a Tatooine sunset with an ombre wall featuring hues from a soothing terracotta to a vibrant amber.

Accent the room with silhouette decals of iconic twin suns setting over the desert landscape.

Complement this serene backdrop with bedding in sandy tones and rustic textures to bring the essence of this distant world to life.

Glow in the Dark Star Wars Stickers for Ceiling

glow in the dark star wars stickers for ceilingglow in the dark star wars stickers for ceiling

Transform your ceiling into a galactic canvas with glow-in-the-dark stickers featuring iconic Star Wars ships and constellations.

By day, these decorations are virtually invisible, but come nighttime, they charge with ambient light and emit a soft, starry glow.

It’s an enchanting way to bring the universe of Star Wars into a bedroom, creating a starscape that encourages dreams of interstellar adventure.

Star Wars Canopy Bed With Themed Drapery

star wars canopy bed with themed draperystar wars canopy bed with themed drapery

Transform your sleeping space into a serene Star Wars retreat with a canopy bed draped in fabrics featuring iconic characters and emblems.

The drapery, which can fall gracefully around the bed, not only stimulates the imagination but also adds an extra layer of privacy.

Choose between patterns that pay homage to different Star Wars factions like the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire to personalize your bedroom galaxy.

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