A collection of Transformation: Our latest Opalhouse designed with Jungalow Collection

Welcome to our Spring Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow collection available exclusively at Target. I designed this collection during a period of transition in my life. A time characterized by the caterpillars’ metamorphosis into the butterfly. This was a time when I began to work towards widening the aperture of my lens on life and learning to take in and notice alternative viewpoints. So, I named this collection “Bird’s Eye View” to symbolize different ways of seeing. The hero pattern in this collection is actually called “Butterfleyes” which depicts alternating butterflies and eyes and symbolizes this time of transformation and new ways of seeing:

So, this collection is buzzing with birds and butterflies and blooms and buds and so many of Mother Nature’s beautiful reminders of Spring, renewal, and transformation.

You’ll find the Butterfleye print on this soft, buttery yellow quilt

…and also all over our new bath collection for Spring. How pretty is the shower curtain!?! I love the soft drape of the fabric and the tassel trim! It’s my hope that this print in this cheerful colorway can be a reminder that we can all learn new ways of seeing and metamorphose into new ways of being. On the butterfly bath mat and pillow, you can see that I’ve drawn abstract shapes inside the wings. The shapes are reminiscent of the phases of the moon, again, representing change and the opportunity for renewal. Also, this is the softest bath mat ever — which always helps to feel even more”renewed” after a refreshing shower!

 floral sheets | gold quilt | velvet shams

The butterfly-shaped pillow is probably one of my favorite pieces from this collection — it adds such a whimsical touch to the bedroom, and it only costs $25.00 (!!)

But wait…there’s more! Things are looking up! Look up towards the heavens, and you might just come across a vignette similar to our Early Rising Suns quilt — or you might see a flock of birds soaring across the sky like in our “Flock” pillow! These pieces serve as reminders to get out of one’s head! When I’m feeling stuck, sometimes it’s enough to walk outside, take in some fresh air, notice the beauty, the openness, the endless possibility of the sky, the warmth of the sun on my face, and witness the freedom of the birds. So many of life’s most beautiful moments lie in taking notice of nature’s beauty that’s all around us — and my hope is to capture that feeling in these pieces and invite it into our homes.

The combination of cream and green gives me greenhouse vibes in the best way, and I love how all the textures and trims work together–did you peep the little pompom tail feathers? You know I love a conceptual tassel or pompom moment!

  sheets | teal quilt | curtains

  flower shaped pillow | gold flower love pillow | butterfly pillowround bolster pillow

There is so much to love from this collection that I hold near and dear to my heart. Head on over to Target to uncover the whole collection and see if you can spot other symbols of wellness and transformation in the collection. Feel free to share your comments below and tag us in your Spring haul on IG! #jungalowxtarget

All photos by David Tsay for Jungalow


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