A How-to Guide for Your Themed Bedroom Decor

Last updated on March 30, 2024

Unleash your inner Jedi with these creative Star Wars bed ideas that will transform your bedroom into a galaxy far, far away.

This article includes my original designs. Some of them may be exaggerated to make a point — that’s my style. Enjoy them for your inspiration!

Future Jedi Training Room Decor

future jedi training room decorfuture jedi training room decor

Equipped with motion-sensitive lightsabers that activate with sound, the room brings dynamic energy befitting any aspiring Jedi.

Wall decals featuring iconic characters like Yoda and Luke Skywalker help create an immersive training environment.

A star projector casts a galaxy overhead, inspiring young padawans as they drift off to sleep in their Jedi-themed bedding.

Millennium Falcon Themed Bed

millennium falcon themed bedmillennium falcon themed bed

Immerse in intergalactic adventure with a bed designed to replicate the iconic Millennium Falcon, complete with intricate paneling and a cockpit headboard.

Integrated LED lights mimic the spacecraft’s thrusters, adding a dynamic element to the bedroom.

Storage compartments within the structure ensure functionality meets fantasy, perfect for stowing away toys or bedding.

BB-8 Inspired Bedding and Room Decor

bb 8 inspired bedding and room decorbb 8 inspired bedding and room decor

Incorporating the beloved droid’s color palette, orange and white bedding adds a lively yet clean aesthetic to the room.

Geometric patterns mimicking BB-8’s panels can be featured on rugs or curtains to subtly infuse the character’s essence.

Accent pillows and lamps modeled after the droid offer playful finishing touches to the bedroom’s ambiance.

Star Wars Themed Children’s Playroom

star wars themed childrens playroomstar wars themed childrens playroom

Transform your child’s play space into a galaxy far, far away with wall decals of iconic characters and ships.

Incorporate an interactive star map rug for playful learning about the Star Wars universe.

Choose furniture pieces that mimic the control panels and seating of the iconic spacecraft for an immersive experience.

Light Saber Wall Decorations

light saber wall decorationslight saber wall decorations

Mounting brackets can display an assortment of replica light sabers, creating a vibrant, dimensional wall feature that doubles as a nightlight with LED-equipped hilts.

Strategic placement of these iconic weapons can create a battle scene frozen in time, adding dynamic energy to the room’s ambiance.

Coordinating with the color scheme, the light sabers can enhance the overall aesthetic, reflecting the allegiance to either the Jedi Order or the Sith Lords.

Death Star Inspired Room Scheme

death star inspired room schemedeath star inspired room scheme

Transform your space into the ultimate empire stronghold with a Death Star-inspired room, featuring a commanding bed centerpiece that mirrors the iconic galactic superweapon.

Utilize monochromatic tones and metallic textures to achieve a sleek, space station aesthetic.

Accent the room with spherical lighting fixtures and muted gray textiles to complete the foreboding yet stylish Imperial quarters.

DIY Star Wars Mural Walls

diy star wars mural wallsdiy star wars mural walls

Transform your walls into a canvas displaying iconic Star Wars scenes with a DIY mural, setting an epic backdrop for your bedroom.

Choose from classic vistas like the twin sunsets of Tatooine or the lush forests of Endor to surround yourself with the saga’s most memorable landscapes.

Utilize stencils or projectors to accurately capture the details of beloved characters and spacecraft, making your Star Wars mural a striking visual centerpiece.

Galactic Empire Bedroom Style

galactic empire bedroom stylegalactic empire bedroom style

Embrace the dark side with a monochromatic color palette, incorporating shades of gray, black, and silver to replicate the sleek design of the Empire’s fleet.

Incorporate Imperial symbols, like the crest of the Galactic Empire, into the bedding and wall art to instill an authoritarian vibe.

High-tech accents, such as LED lighting mimicking the control panels of a Star Destroyer, can complete the transformation into a bedroom worthy of an aspiring Sith Lord.

Star Wars Princess Leia Room Decor for Girls

star wars princess leia room decor for girlsstar wars princess leia room decor for girls

Incorporate soft white and silver hues to reflect Princess Leia’s iconic attire, accented with royal Alderaanian patterns for a regal touch.

Use wall decals or framed art featuring her famous quotes and imagery, such as the Rebel Alliance symbol, to inspire strength and leadership.

Accessorize with plush toys or pillows modeled after her distinctive hairstyles and outfits to add a personal touch to the space.

Carbonite Han Solo Wall Piece

carbonite han solo wall piececarbonite han solo wall piece

A Carbonite Han Solo wall piece serves as a dramatic focal point, capturing the iconic moment from “The Empire Strikes Back.”

This three-dimensional wall art adds depth and interest to a Star Wars-themed bedroom, inviting conversations and admiration.

Its life-size scale and detailed craftsmanship make it a must-have for avid collectors and enthusiasts aiming to bring a piece of the saga into their living space.

DIY Ewok Village Loft Bed

diy ewok village loft beddiy ewok village loft bed

Transform your child’s sleeping space into an adventurous Ewok Village with a custom loft bed, nestled high among faux trees and wooden structures.

Incorporate cozy nooks below for playtime, simulating the forested home of the Ewoks on the moon of Endor.

Enhance the authenticity with rope bridges and ladders, encouraging imaginative play and a unique bedroom experience.

Star Wars Spaceship Ceiling Fan

star wars spaceship ceiling fanstar wars spaceship ceiling fan

Transform your ceiling fan into a high-flying centerpiece by modeling it after iconic Star Wars spaceships, such as the X-wing or TIE fighter.

The customized fan blades, shaped and painted to resemble spacecraft, add dynamic movement reminiscent of epic space battles.

Integrated with a themed room, this creative touch enhances the galactic ambiance, making it feel as if adventure is always just overhead.

Yoda Green Colored Room

yoda green colored roomyoda green colored room

The Yoda-themed room uses various shades of green to mirror the iconic character’s distinct coloring, creating an immersive and calming environment.

Accent pieces like Jedi robes and character decals add depth to the sage-colored walls.

Strategic lighting fixtures and furniture choices invoke the ambiance of Dagobah, Yoda’s mysterious swamp planet abode.

R2-D2 and C-3PO Complementary Schemed Bedrooms

r2 d2 and c 3po complementary schemed bedroomsr2 d2 and c 3po complementary schemed bedrooms

Capturing the essence of the iconic droid duo, one bedroom features blue and white hues with circular patterns, channeling R2-D2’s design.

The counterpart room boasts a sleek golden palette accented with hints of silver, mirroring C-3PO’s shiny exterior.

Integrating these themes can include bedding with character prints, matching wall art, and droid-shaped pillows or lamps for cohesion.

DIY Tatooine Desert Landscape Window View

diy tatooine desert landscape window viewdiy tatooine desert landscape window view

Transform your window space into a sweeping view of the iconic Tatooine desert, complete with twin suns setting in the distance.

This visual feature creates an immersive experience, fooling the eye into believing you’re gazing out from Luke Skywalker’s homestead.

The desert landscape adds a warm, adventurous ambiance to a Star Wars-themed bedroom, enveloping the sleeper in the expansive universe of the saga.

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