How to Make Paper Roses

Sometimes the easiest way to add your own personal stamp on your home without spending a lot of cash is to make something crafty. For me and Steve, that means being really picky about what kind of crafty projects we use, because we like a clean, sophisticated look with a touch of warm, family friendly personality! While we always enjoy fresh flowers in our home, these DIY paper rose projects are elegant, beautiful and yet still creative. (Oh, and they are paper, so they are affordable.) Use them for outdoor parties, weddings, styling a shelf, tablescaping… you get the idea! You get all the floral gratification, with none of the fresh flower sticker shock! We picked out the best bloggers ideas…these aren’t your typical tissue paper roses. Learn how to make paper roses, it’s super easy!



There are several different ways to make paper roses. And you have tons of options on paper type, color and size. We found something for everyone…From flowers made using templates and cardstock, to folded paper, tissue paper, even giant paper rose tutorials!


How to Make Paper Roses with Templates

Let’s start off with a simple paper rose DIY tutorial by ‘Hello Wonderful‘. They provide a simple template you can print, then trace the shapes onto cardstock and cut out. A little hot glue and their awesome step by step directions, and you have this gorgeous rose! Think of all the different types of paper and colors you could use. Your local craft store has tons of options in the scrapbooking aisle.


Want to know how to make paper roses, the easy way? All you have to do is roll and glue! Make a whole bouquet with these instructions for rolled paper roses from ‘Color Me Thrifty‘. She even shows you how to use balloon sticks to glue on “stems”. Seriously, this is grade school paper folding with a little bit of glue.


Hop on over to ‘It’s Always Autumn‘ and find out how to print out her free template for this super pretty paper rose DIY. Her template includes the incredible watercolor paper design, with five different color choices! It’s like having a craft room in your printer! She has a step by step video as well, so you won’t have any questions about what you are doing. So sweet!


Coffee Filter Roses

These coffee filter roses are such a gorgeous color, and they look so beautiful. And they are super easy and cheap to make. From ‘Sea of Blush‘, find out how to dye coffee filters to any custom color you want, then how to make paper roses from those very same filters. You can add stems if you like, or do as she did and create this stunning shadowbox.


If you are looking for realistic DIY paper rose projects, then stop here! These coffee filter paper roses from ‘ShabbyFuFu‘ look so real! Perfect for a centerpiece, or even a vase on your bedside table. Loving on these!


How to Make a Paper Rose with Tissue Paper

Ok, are these awesome? These tissue paper roses from ‘The Idea Room‘ are glued to styrofoam balls and make really lovely decor. You can make these with tissue or crepe paper, but make sure the paper isn’t too thin and cheap. We really love this project to tuck amongst shelf decor.


Crepe Paper Rose DIY

Ok, I love English roses. They are the most romantic flower, outside of the peony. They are so beautiful, I was shocked when I saw that Lucy over at ‘Craftberry Bush‘ managed to make these from crepe paper. And she just posts these gorgeous types of projects all the time. Yep, crepe paper roses folks. Nothing to see here. Not even. Stunning. And just crepe paper and glue. Oh, and all her tips and tricks.


Giant Paper Rose Ideas

Learn how to make a giant paper rose from Oksana at ‘Fancybloom‘. She has a how-to video, free printable cutting templates and tips on choosing the right paper. These would be great for a graduation party, wedding, summer reunion…


More large paper rose DIY’s from ‘Studio DIY‘. These were made from crepe paper instead of cardstock. We love the tips on how to shape petals and adding stems for a more realistic look.


Abbi Kirsten Collections‘ has a template for making paper roses for everyone who owns a paper cutting machine. This project is made using a Cricut or Silhouette craft cutting machine. (If you want one, and if you do any type of crafting, then you do, check out Amazon!) She also has a PDF version of her template for those without a cutting machine.

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