Snake Plant – Care Guide

How to Propagate A Snake Plant

Snake plants can be easily propagated to create new plants for yourself or a friend.

Step 1: Take a leaf cutting

Use sharp clean clippers to cut a healthy leaf right at the soil line. Since snake plants don’t grow from stems or vines like other houseplants, you don’t have to worry about finding the right “node” for your cut. Consider cutting a V-shaped notch on the bottom to expose more surface area for roots to grow.

Step 2: Propagate the clipping in water

Fill a clear cup, vase, or vessel with at least 2″ of water. Stick your cut leaf inside and place it in a partially sunny spot, like a windowsill. You can even put multiple clippings in the vase to create an attractive arrangement. Refresh the water every 1-2 weeks.

Step 3: Once rooted, transfer to soil

Once your clipping has started to sprout roots at least 1″ long, it can be transferred to a pot with soil. This may take several weeks. Remember to use loose soil for optimal drainage. A cactus, palm, or succulent soil mix is best.

Once your clipping is potted, care for your new snake plant just as you would a mature plant.

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